Friday Flea

Well, today was the busiest Friday I’ve seen at the market since I started my new flea schedule.  Heaving I tell ya.  Get thee to the flea this weekend if you can…busiest weekend besides the October market according to my buddy at the gate.  I’m posting this as quick as I can, so if you read this today…you might be able to go today…because everyone here knows it’s “callin’ for rain” tomorrow.  Apparently there is a pretty nasty storm coming through tomorrow, but in middle Tennessee, it “calls for rain” whereas in west Tennessee it’s “fixin’ to rain.”

It’s going to rain people.  Go today if you can.

Everyone was in a good mood today…good vibes, good weather…I even had a vendor ask to be in my photo….HE was fun.

This fabulous thing below haunts me EVERY MONTH.  I wanted it so bad when I first saw it and didn’t even know what it was.  Then Morgan at The Brick House found one for a song…and this one has not budged in price all these many months….ONE DAY.

These below are a good deal…$40 for the pair, but the pleather is torn.  I’d have bought them for the booth, but my garage can’t handle another project right now.

There were some cool plants too, but I need a LOT of them and I’m still trawling around town to see what deals I can find.

In the end, despite the froog’s fantasy I saw today, I was good and saved my budget for the plant extravaganza….and only came home with ONE thing.

$10 shroom stool!

Do we think this mushroom thing is becoming a problem?  I’m taking suggestions on what should replace the poo colored velour….