Support for Jamie-O

Apologies to my Facebook and Twitter followers, since I’ve hawked this over there already.

Why do I support Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution?  Here’s why:

My kids have always taken their own lunch, but this year, both of them asked if they could go through the lunch line.  I said OK, and volunteered to help the younger kids in the first weeks of school get the hang of it.  There was a breaded chicken sandwich, tater tots, peas and carrots and fresh fruit OR fruit juice.

I naturally started serving up both peas and carrots and tater tots on each plate until I was told that they have a CHOICE of ONE vegetable.  Me: “Are you telling me that tater tots are considered a vegetable?!”  and the lunch director sighed in an exasperated way and said “I know, it’s not right, but yes.”  NO WAY.  I gave the kids both ANYWAY and she didn’t rat me out.

I won’t go on about how fresh fruit and fruit juice are NOT EVEN CLOSE to equal choices.

Our family has been watching the show together, and the statistics on our health as a nation are staggering.

If you don’t have kids, you can support it for the sake of our nation’s health care system, and our life span.  We have the first generation expected to have shorter life spans than their parents.  Who will support the aged if the youth die prematurely from poor health?

He needs one million supporters to take it to Washington DC, and as of this posting, we are not even halfway there.  Please consider?  Click the badge below to sign the petition…and thanks for reading my rant.