Estate Sale

For some reason…time has moved in slow motion for me this week.

Why? What did I do? I dragged some furniture downtown to donate, volunteered at the Minors’ school, had to COMPLETELY rebuild the shop for flood relief (love/hate Cafe Press)… It seems like weeks ago I was ripping out moldy drywall and cleaning out furry, fermented Jamaican food down at the farmer’s market, but it was only Tuesday!  (BTW, I have never wanted a silkwood shower more than I did that afternoon…Supposedly, only 2 more weeks of water restrictions though – Hell YEAH!)

When working at the school yesterday, the music teacher told me he just got power back the day before…damn..everywhere you turn, someone lost their house or a whole floor of it…I have major survivor’s guilt.

So… to completely contradict my SG, I went junkin’.  (2nd hand version of retail therapy? Have I screwed with my karma?!) I’d neglected my booth lately and decided to hit an estate sale to find some fresh items.  Problem is, I think I’m keeping them…karma SO screwed now…

I’m fascinated by this piece.  It’s a mosaic of paper…you can see below where a few pieces have come off that I’ll have to fix.

I can’t be sure, but the signature looks like Karl Windhurst, or Windhunt…

But I’ve turned up no info via interwebs.  Probably just a talented friend…

And last, but not least…I found a baby for my cardinal…..