I Hear You + Estate Sale

Thanks to all who provided feedback on the media integration conundrum. Here’s the new plan. I’m ditching the Tweets of the Week import, and for those who like seeing the tweets, but would rather stick a fork in their eye than go onto Twitter, I now have a running sidebar underneath the Instagram photos here on the blahg. (Thinking of you Nannie Annie!) Sound like a fair compromise? Just scroll down on the right and it’s all there.

You would like to see some of the Instagram photos in posts, so I’ll share those here from time to time.

Moving on from housekeeping, I went to an estate sale in Franklin yesterday, and everything I had my eye on was sold…to Justin.

Who is this Justin you ask? I don’t know, but he has fabulous taste and I think he needs to be my friend. I was eying every male up and down at the sale trying to figure out which one he was, so I could possibly beg him to let me buy this off of him.

It’s a terrible shot from the sale website, I tried to snap one myself from his “sold” pile, but it was wedged behind a chair, this was the best I could do without looking like I was flat out trying to steal it.

Those eyes were meant to scare MY children. Does Justin have kids? Is it sitting in his antique booth somewhere in the metro area?

Lucky for me, there were SO many owls in this house that Justin missed a couple.

The day before, Modernhaus posted her new vintage owl and I was smitten and envious. How crazy that I find his little brother the very next day? Crazy, I tell you.

Oh, and this little fiber thang, that is indeed the abomination that I predicted it would be in the eyes of the CC.

He hates it. He likes minimal, not boho. I quote, “It’s not concrete, steel or glass…humph.” Then there might have been some muttering.

So if I wanna keep it, I need to find a place for it that is not in his daily line of vision. I may end up selling it, we’ll see how his tolerance holds out.

Have a great weekend!


Estate Sale

I headed to Holt Hills in the pouring rain this morning, and when I arrived at the estate sale 40 minutes after opening, everything I’d had my eye on from the photos was sold. I was feeling a little dejected, since what was left seemed to be crazy cat people stuff. (These people didn’t just like cats a lot…it was a full on obsession.)

But then I discovered the quilting room. I don’t quilt, so I had passed it by with a cursory glance on the first round, but there were some great books buried in there. Oh, and an awesome brass bar cart in great shape with smooth rolling wheels. All for $38.00. Totally worth getting soaked for.

Remember how I wanted to find a cool cart for when we have Dim Sunday? I’ll now be the swanky Dim Sum Trolley Dolly of the ranch. A little Noxon will get her gleaming.

There was an amazing woodworking shop in the basement, but the pricing was high on the tools and they were not wheeling and dealing on opening day.


Estate Sale + Binge

I’ve been having some tech problems lately…so posting has been a bit like this….

Via Market Like a Chick


To quote my new best friend Lance at the Genius Bar, I need a “bigger house” since I’ve outgrown mine.  New hard drive and RAM are on the way and, fingers crossed, I should be back in bidness.

As I was feeling very frustrated, and a tiny bit sad that summer is over, I did what all normal people do.  Excercise, Mediate, Garden Fry up something that will likely kill me.  Isn’t that how everyone rolls?  No?!  Hunh.

It’s probably been 5 years since I ate one of these things, but when you get that wild haired craving, sometimes you just have to give in.

We made a freaking onion blossom….and it was delicious in all its greasy glory.

We followed this recipe pretty closely and it came out great. We opted for a chipotle sauce rather than a ranch style one.  The Things, who are normally onion averse, loved it and demanded we make it more often.  The old batter and fry trick works every time.

After recovering from greasapalooza, I hit an estate sale and found this little bit of fun….


I’m trying to decide what to name it…Crazy Clara (clarinet), or perhaps (H)oboe?  This abstract reed instrument seems to need a name….we must think….


Estate Sale

I found two/three things at an estate sale today.  One I’m super excited about, the other, I hope someone else will be excited about.  Both need lots of work though.  Can you guess which is which?


OK, so the chandy is not my style at all, but I bought it for the booth.  It’s more in line with the mainstream market here.  It’s thick with dust and I wasn’t planning to paint it, but on closer inspection, I am considering it.

Can we get to the good part now?  The CHAIRS!  Yipee!

These 70’s lovelies were sitting on the front porch of a Victorian house looking so lonely and out of place.  Come to mama.

The chrome is needing love, and they must be recovered, but I can do both myself, so that’s just time.

I stopped and bought some Coke Zero under the guise of chair cleaning.  I’ve been trying to stop drinking those damn things for years now.  THEY REMOVE RUST after all! I make it a few weeks, then I fall off the wagon.

My attraction to chrome furniture and accessories that need rehabbing is enabling my addiction to diet soda.  This is not good for me, but it’s great for the house.  “Did you hear about that lady who lives on the hill?  She crumbled from phosphoric acid leaching all the calcium out of her bones, so she just became a shmooo…but her house looks great.  Really shiny furniture.”

Oh, and the flea is this weekend and I feel like I haven’t been in for. ever.  Chrome anyone?

Estate Sale

Estate sales around here can be pretty disappointing.  If granny chic is your style, this place is a goldmine…but affordable scores can be elusive for me.  So, I was pretty excited to bring home this little stash for $10.

The CC has had his nose in this awesome book since the moment I brought it home. (Think how to make a molded plywood chair kinda awesome.)

I’ve been collecting these Dorothy Thorpe glasses for about 12 years now, but ever since Mad Men featured them... poof! The lamp requires no explanation.

Have a great weekend..go junkin’!

Estate Sale

For some reason…time has moved in slow motion for me this week.

Why? What did I do? I dragged some furniture downtown to donate, volunteered at the Minors’ school, had to COMPLETELY rebuild the shop for flood relief (love/hate Cafe Press)… It seems like weeks ago I was ripping out moldy drywall and cleaning out furry, fermented Jamaican food down at the farmer’s market, but it was only Tuesday!  (BTW, I have never wanted a silkwood shower more than I did that afternoon…Supposedly, only 2 more weeks of water restrictions though – Hell YEAH!)

When working at the school yesterday, the music teacher told me he just got power back the day before…damn..everywhere you turn, someone lost their house or a whole floor of it…I have major survivor’s guilt.

So… to completely contradict my SG, I went junkin’.  (2nd hand version of retail therapy? Have I screwed with my karma?!) I’d neglected my booth lately and decided to hit an estate sale to find some fresh items.  Problem is, I think I’m keeping them…karma SO screwed now…

I’m fascinated by this piece.  It’s a mosaic of paper…you can see below where a few pieces have come off that I’ll have to fix.

I can’t be sure, but the signature looks like Karl Windhurst, or Windhunt…

But I’ve turned up no info via interwebs.  Probably just a talented friend…

And last, but not least…I found a baby for my cardinal…..