Estate Sale

I headed to Holt Hills in the pouring rain this morning, and when I arrived at the estate sale 40 minutes after opening, everything I’d had my eye on from the photos was sold. I was feeling a little dejected, since what was left seemed to be crazy cat people stuff. (These people didn’t just like cats a lot…it was a full on obsession.)

But then I discovered the quilting room. I don’t quilt, so I had passed it by with a cursory glance on the first round, but there were some great books buried in there. Oh, and an awesome brass bar cart in great shape with smooth rolling wheels. All for $38.00. Totally worth getting soaked for.

Remember how I wanted to find a cool cart for when we have Dim Sunday? I’ll now be the swanky Dim Sum Trolley Dolly of the ranch. A little Noxon will get her gleaming.

There was an amazing woodworking shop in the basement, but the pricing was high on the tools and they were not wheeling and dealing on opening day.