Estate Sale + Binge

I’ve been having some tech problems lately…so posting has been a bit like this….

Via Market Like a Chick


To quote my new best friend Lance at the Genius Bar, I need a “bigger house” since I’ve outgrown mine.  New hard drive and RAM are on the way and, fingers crossed, I should be back in bidness.

As I was feeling very frustrated, and a tiny bit sad that summer is over, I did what all normal people do.  Excercise, Mediate, Garden Fry up something that will likely kill me.  Isn’t that how everyone rolls?  No?!  Hunh.

It’s probably been 5 years since I ate one of these things, but when you get that wild haired craving, sometimes you just have to give in.

We made a freaking onion blossom….and it was delicious in all its greasy glory.

We followed this recipe pretty closely and it came out great. We opted for a chipotle sauce rather than a ranch style one.  The Things, who are normally onion averse, loved it and demanded we make it more often.  The old batter and fry trick works every time.

After recovering from greasapalooza, I hit an estate sale and found this little bit of fun….


I’m trying to decide what to name it…Crazy Clara (clarinet), or perhaps (H)oboe?  This abstract reed instrument seems to need a name….we must think….