Friday Flea

Another sweaty flea, but a good day.

This lamp was a dreamboat…but too pricey.

I’d love to see who brings this home…..frat house?

OK…can we discuss these?  I’ve never seen these in “caucasian.”  Blackamoor figurines are controversial and widely considered racist, so which scenario do we find more offensive…owning them as they were made so many years ago, or painting them white?!  Discuss amongst yourselves.


So what did I get?  Smalls today….pics taken down in the garage dungeon…so, not the best light.


More birdies that are exactly the same as the ones in my dining room.

The CC thinks I’ve lost it with these guys…

Most of these items will not be staying with me, but will be sold at the blogger tag sale on October 1st.  Details to come very soon.  Have a great weekend!