Estate Sale

I found two/three things at an estate sale today.  One I’m super excited about, the other, I hope someone else will be excited about.  Both need lots of work though.  Can you guess which is which?


OK, so the chandy is not my style at all, but I bought it for the booth.  It’s more in line with the mainstream market here.  It’s thick with dust and I wasn’t planning to paint it, but on closer inspection, I am considering it.

Can we get to the good part now?  The CHAIRS!  Yipee!

These 70’s lovelies were sitting on the front porch of a Victorian house looking so lonely and out of place.  Come to mama.

The chrome is needing love, and they must be recovered, but I can do both myself, so that’s just time.

I stopped and bought some Coke Zero under the guise of chair cleaning.  I’ve been trying to stop drinking those damn things for years now.  THEY REMOVE RUST after all! I make it a few weeks, then I fall off the wagon.

My attraction to chrome furniture and accessories that need rehabbing is enabling my addiction to diet soda.  This is not good for me, but it’s great for the house.  “Did you hear about that lady who lives on the hill?  She crumbled from phosphoric acid leaching all the calcium out of her bones, so she just became a shmooo…but her house looks great.  Really shiny furniture.”

Oh, and the flea is this weekend and I feel like I haven’t been in for. ever.  Chrome anyone?