I Hear You + Estate Sale

Thanks to all who provided feedback on the media integration conundrum. Here’s the new plan. I’m ditching the Tweets of the Week import, and for those who like seeing the tweets, but would rather stick a fork in their eye than go onto Twitter, I now have a running sidebar underneath the Instagram photos here on the blahg. (Thinking of you Nannie Annie!) Sound like a fair compromise? Just scroll down on the right and it’s all there.

You would like to see some of the Instagram photos in posts, so I’ll share those here from time to time.

Moving on from housekeeping, I went to an estate sale in Franklin yesterday, and everything I had my eye on was sold…to Justin.

Who is this Justin you ask? I don’t know, but he has fabulous taste and I think he needs to be my friend. I was eying every male up and down at the sale trying to figure out which one he was, so I could possibly beg him to let me buy this off of him.

It’s a terrible shot from the sale website, I tried to snap one myself from his “sold” pile, but it was wedged behind a chair, this was the best I could do without looking like I was flat out trying to steal it.

Those eyes were meant to scare MY children. Does Justin have kids? Is it sitting in his antique booth somewhere in the metro area?

Lucky for me, there were SO many owls in this house that Justin missed a couple.

The day before, Modernhaus posted her new vintage owl and I was smitten and envious. How crazy that I find his little brother the very next day? Crazy, I tell you.

Oh, and this little fiber thang, that is indeed the abomination that I predicted it would be in the eyes of the CC.

He hates it. He likes minimal, not boho. I quote, “It’s not concrete, steel or glass…humph.” Then there might have been some muttering.

So if I wanna keep it, I need to find a place for it that is not in his daily line of vision. I may end up selling it, we’ll see how his tolerance holds out.

Have a great weekend!