Fawn Love

Geeking out in fawn bliss….yes…our second spring has brought us a new fawn to admire.  The CC was mowing the lawn in the front when he saw a fawn run up the hill.  He had apparently scared it from it’s hiding place somewhere in the bushes..Oops.  When he came back up the driveway…where had the fawn decided to recover?  In our muddy area under the dogwood at the front steps!

As it stayed under the tree for the rest of the afternoon, we kept watch for the reunion…we sat in the nook at dusk to observe the does arriving in the front yard so we could see which one was the fawn mama.  This little one clambered back over the retaining wall to go to the does.  We couldn’t get any good shots of the doe/fawn reunion, but we hope there will be more visits!