My Sprinkler Brings all the Fawns to the Yard…..

Triple digit heat and no rain for weeks has our woodland friends gasping for a drink. We’ve started running the back sprinkler at dusk (no water bans yet) and it’s been drawing in a show every night.

This drives Otto nuts, and he’ll scare them away by barking through the window, so he has to be crated while we watch the wildlife and let them have a nice long drink. When they are up the hill, he’s cool with them, but when they come in this close, he gets territorial.

Oh, and if you ever wondered if fawns lift a leg, or what not…the answer is no…female dog style squat.

The fawns aren’t the only visitors to the sprinkler in the evenings.  We’ve had baby owls too….I can’t seem to get a good shot of the “wing spread shimmy” they do in the water. I really need to take a photography class!

Good idea wildlife. It’s too hot to be outside without water, so the CC picked up a mister at Lowe’s for $16, and it has made a huge difference. We love it so much that we now have plans to install a hidden misting system so we can be outside all summer without keeling over.

The lady Vizslas love this shot……..


I’ve been Instagramming, but not blogging…again. That’s why I set up the tweets to import a weekly post, so those Instagram photos are available here as a post instead of just in the sidebar. Do we like this, or notsomuch?

Would you rather I perdiodically post the photos as a recap on the blog, or is the weekly tweet recap good enough? This is a poll, without my having to activate a poll plug-in, so I’ll be looking for some piping up from you fine people.

Here’s just a very little of what’s been going on…some have been on Instagram and some never quite made it.

We had another evening of treehouse glamping, where there might have been a jedi lightsaber show.

I don’t know anything about editing and resizing video, or I’d show you some moves, but the file is too big to upload here.

The lightcube glowing through the treehouse window was our nightlight.

Otto spent half an hour staring down this deer one day, and will watch them as long as they hang around. He seems cool with them, and doesn’t bark often. It’s the chipmunks that seem to piss him off.


These are two projects currently in progress.  The CC is building a firewood shelter/shed which will also hide our ugly air conditioning units when finished.

I am working on a pair of Keller chairs. The CC doesn’t think I am we are ready for the living room chairs yet, since the bottoms might be a bit complicated for newbies like us.

Otherwise it’s been cooking, digging, mulching, weeding and hanging by campfires. Y’know,  springtime stuff.

One of our favorite farmers markets opened today, so that makes us happy…but the humidity started to roll in this week, which makes us sad..and sweaty.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think about my attempts to integrate the different media. If you want to follow me on Instagram, I’m @modfrugal, same as Twitter.


Holiday Insta-dump

Fun with photography apps!

A few favorite ornaments seemed to be a good place to play around…..

These first two are from my childhood….my parents picked them up for me on their travels in the 70’s.

A family favorite was “Pancho Claus”  picked up south of the border.  He was a candle in the form of Santa wearing a sombrero….the wick came out of the top of his hat.  One brutally hot summer he melted in the attic and we mourned his loss, not unlike a pet.  What?!  It was the 70’s and Pancho Claus was cool I tell you….Trust.

These glittery little beauties were found at estate sales in my 20’s….from someone elses childhood.

Um…all birds.  Sorry.

The red flocked deer below belonged to my parents, and I adored them growing up.  They used to be on our dining room table every year, in front of a silver punchbowl full of poinsettias. Sometime in my 20’s or early 30’s, I begged for them, and they were kind enough to oblige.  The vintage brass deer candle holders are a recent Etsy purchase.

Felt circles bought from Fred Flare a few years ago are sill holding strong….

On the puppy front, Otto is growing very fast and into everything…..he even tried to chew the lights!

He is Ottofabulous the LoveShark.  Sometimes he’s Pushkin (the CC wanted to name him that at one point, so it’s one of his bazillion nicknames.)

What are some of your favorite holiday decorations?  Hannukah, Chinese New Year, etc..  Is there a piece from your childhood that you cherish, or have you gotten something new that will be a keeper for years?


 Photos brought to you by Diptic, Hipstamatic, Big Lens and Instagram.  I found a plug- in that imports the Instagram photos to the right sidebar, so the latest snaps will be there.  I swear, I will pick up the SLR again at some point.

Fawn Love

In all the craziness this week, we still manage to take time to admire our little friends of the forest.

Their coats are changing from caramel to grey…fall is here.

This year we had a surprise visitor…

I think that his days may be numbered.  This is the first time in our three years here we’ve seen a rabbit.  There are so many predators, but this one has managed to escape the hawks for the time being…good luck Thumper!


Just a photo dump of what we’ve been up to when I’m (clearly) not here.  Sadly it’s almost over…school starts back next week…WAY too soon.

We’re trying to make the most of our last 9 days of freedom…long walks in the woods, Shark Week, lounging at the pool and not getting out of pajamas on rainy days…they grow up too fast to consider otherwise….

Fiesta FAIL

Well, I didn’t get many photos from the Fiesta, there was too much going on…as usual, I was so busy setting up, there just wasn’t time to leisurely snap away. Besides…not my best work.

The round tables were so hard to make look decent.  I hated them, but everyone was very nice and seemed to like the pale blue overlays with the kraft. The clean up committee really, truly loved me though.  It was a snap for us to uncover the tables at the end.

I had really wanted to cover the ugly legs with paper to the floor, but we couldn’t do it…not enough money in the $100 budget for the extra paper it would take, and not enough volunteers to help wrap the tables.  Sigh.  That’s life.  It’s not the costume gala at the Met, so just have a margarita and get OVER IT.

Did I mention I HATED how this ended up looking?  Let’s not even discuss the chairs.

I hung the tissue pom poms from the ceiling and they seemed dwarfed by the massiveness of the room and tent, but again…just not enough manpower or budget, so I broke down and resorted to the flags for impact.  Have another margarita.

This is where all the auction items were…it’s Nashville, so we had lots of signed gee-tars from your favorite country stars.  What I wanna know is where our school’s goddamn Jack White connection is?!  I don’t listen to country music, so it’s kinda wasted on me.  Jack could change my interest in the music prizes, fo sho.

Packed house..haven’t heard the grand total yet, but hopefully that margarita machine lubed up folks enough to make some nice sized donations to the school.

There was a wheel, kinda like on the Price is Right….I gave it a few spins, got a few small prizes.

I decided to make a few woodland scenarios for those not digging the Southwest vibe of the evening…..Everyone loved the terrariums, but didn’t/couldn’t read the tags, so we didn’t sell them all.

You knew there would be fawns, right?

I must have made the flags too tall since many people didn’t know they were for sale…boo.  It’s funny, of the ones that did sell, some swapped their figurines with other arrangements, so I ended up with a “desert fawn” since someone obviously wanted a “woodland coyote.”  I don’t know why that cracked me up so much…possibly exhaustion.

A really fun, yet super tiring weekend….

I’ll update you on the treehouse later this week.  Adios amigos….