Off the Grid

We just returned from a little family time off the grid, and it was just the ticket.  We spent 4 days tent camping in Fall Creek Falls State Park, home to the one of the highest waterfalls East of the Rockies, along with a few other cool falls to boot.

If you look closely, you can see two tiny ant people at the bottom left of the falls.  We hiked to the overlook via a winding, yet scenic trail overlooking the gorges and cascades.  When we finally arrived at the overlook and the Minors saw people strolling up from the parking lot only 200 yards away..they were NOT impressed.  I guess we kinda neglected to tell them that you didn’t HAVE to hike to see the falls.  Oops.

There are suspension bridges scattered over many of the creeks in the park….loved by some more than others….I LOVE them.

Not the smoothest of terrain for hiking, but certainly spectacular.

There’s one way Thing One and Thing Two like for us to make nice after long hikes…..

The chocolate flavored graham crackers are preferred for s’mores by the Things.  Then, all is well with the world, and most is forgiven, but NOT forgotten.