So, before we left for our rural getaway, I went to see the new Chihuly exhibit at Cheekwood.  It was a hot, sweaty, and totally inspiring day through the gardens and I cannot wait to return for the evenings.  Much of what we saw will be lit for 2 nights each week while the exhibition is here.  The glass master has graced us with his works to commemorate Cheekwood’s 50th anniversary.

I know you’ll never believe that the Japanese Gardens have always been one of my favorite places in Cheekwood…but the photos don’t do the red bamboo pieces justice.   In the forest…the sunlight…it was fab.

Because he knows all stars should be a triple threat…Dale also has simultaneous exhibits at the Frist and, well, the Schermerhorn Symphony Center had a big gig planned there before the flood, that got saved by TPAC since the Symphony was under water.

Honestly, there were too many photos to put up here, but it was a delight that I hope our locals take the time to savor.  I’ll post again after the evening tour because you KNOW I’m not missing that.  Say what you will about him…it was a hell of an exhibit in person and I enjoyed it thoroughly.