So operation stucco will commence (perhaps) at the weekend…in the meantime, the patio shoveling is basically complete.  After things settle, there might be some touch up, but for now…done.

The sad thing is… now that I can have some fun and get the furniture in, I’m not feelin’ it.  I’ve dragged most of the available furniture up here and dragged it back down.

I want the butterflies to live here, and since we are a family of four, we really need at least 4 seats up here.  I haven’t found more vintage flies yet.  Everything else is variable.  I thought I’d move the red chairs to the back and just have the loveseat and the flies… I dunno.  I’ll keep rearranging….

The Things and I sat out here at sunset under the tree and read.  For once, the outside temp was cool enough to truly enjoy.  I think this new lounging area will be heaven for us once tweaked and finished.

Let’s play musical side tables, shall we?

Can you say Christmas? Blech.  Back to the drawing board…

Oh, and in case you were worried about what we would do for exercise now that the patio gravel is down….

Yeah.  That’s the rest of it, slated for other areas that interest me very little at the moment, but we need the parking spot back…so it must resume.  $#!@.