Lottery Picks: Scandinavian Edition

It’s been too dark and rainy here to take decent pics, so it seemed a good time to gaze upon some beauties from the Wright Scandinavian Design Auction going on the block Thursday, November 18th.

There are a lot of the classics, by all the greats, but these are my faves this round.

Paavo Tynell Lamp c. 1950 Finland

Est. $2-3k

Axel Salto Budding Gourd Vase c. 1940 Denmark

Est. $8-10k

Hans Wegner Chaise c. 1960 Denmark

Est. $8-10k

Bodil Kjaer Desk and Return c. 1960 Denmark

Est. $10-15k

Timo Sarpaneva Lamps c. 1964 Finland

Est $1-2k

Arne Jacobsen Charlettenborg Chairs c. 1936 Denmark

Est. $10-15k

Bengt Karlby Pantre Pendants c. 1965 Denmark

Est. $1-2k

Poul Nørreklit Selectform Library c. 1970 Denmark

Est. $2-3k

Stig Lindberg Vessels c. 1962-1966 Sweden

Est. $5-7k

For those new to ModFruGal, here’s the lottery picks disclaimer…”When I win the lottery, I will spend my new wealth on these shallow and meaningless objects only when the aged parents, charitable causes and purchase of an overseas home have all been attended to…c’mon..I’m not a COMPLETE monster.