JL Seagull, Alien and a Jackalope

Busy weekend.  After I washed the layers of mannequin make-up off my face, I got in some quality junkin’ time with my bud who was only in town for 24 hours. BTW, I scared more kids with the 80’s make-up than I did the medusa wig…go figure!

We saw some really good stuff Saturday.  I didn’t have my camera, which is always a regret on these occasions.  There was a fireplace set that we are still talking about.  Gorgeous 70’s brass and glass ultra modern delish.  Who didn’t snap it, even with our phones?  Dumb-asses like us.

Knowing that I’m the crazy bird lady, (and she’s still my friend!) she spotted this for me…

I am forever grateful.  It makes me sooo happy.  $20.  All it needed was a Noxon bath.  Now he’s shiiiiiny.  We’ve been calling him Jonathan Livingston Seagull for giggles…he might just be Jonny by the end of the day.

We got a fuzzy phone pic of this groovy sofa..$200.  Great condition.  Neither of us need it, but what a deal.

When I saw the lamp, I gasped loudly and cried out for my friend’s confirmation that I NEED it.  $75? It would be rude not to buy it.  I just sold a chair for $80, so it’s an even swap…right?  RIGHT.  They called it the “Alien Lamp” and I was smitten.  I had wanted an Arco lamp for the living room, but I always knew that something else (affordable) was out there.  Found!

I like hanging out under the alien…it’s like a creepy but comforting light hug.  I’ll post pics from more angles when I update the tour.  The base isn’t all that attractive, so you’re not missing much there.

We rounded out the under $100 day with a Jackalope sighting.  Good times.