Instant Guitar

Just when we thought we had Halloween behind us, Thing Two’s school goes and has an 80’s family night…ARGHHH!!!  I don’t wanna dress up…again.  Seriously?  OK, stop being a selfish beeyotch and get with the program.

Our plans for my Crafty Counterpart to swashbuckle his way as Adam Ant circa Stand and Deliver phase fell through, much to our absolute devastation.  He would have really rocked it, and I’ve been singing Desperate but Not Serious ALL WEEK.  Still singing it. Right now.

Given we had 1 day left to figure it out, we went the easy route…CC is to be Robert Palmer, with me as one of the mannequin swayers with guitars. We’ve settled, but we’ll do our best with it.

I’m at a meeting for 3 hours last night, and when I come home, the CC has already McGyvered a guitar for me…white duct tape strap and all.  Cardboard and super thin melamine board…I’m amazed.

Alright, we’re ready.  Here we go…

Have a great weekend..I hope to be back to a more regular schedule next week!