Snow Day..Yay and Yikes

Given that we are in the home stretch of school before the Holidays, our time is pretty tightly scheduled.  The good news/bad news?  Today is a snow day for the kids!

Yay! We slept in, and I got to savor, not slug, my coffee in bed with the laptop today.

Yikes! Today was the day I was supposed to: (insert list of 7 things, 4 of which require the absence of children.)

As I sipped my coffee under Holiday Bucky, I realized that I will have to leave my serene spot to take care of!

Serves me right for procrastinating.  What would be really funny maddening is if I leave all this behind to gather the items for a school event tomorrow…only to have school canceled again.  I would be stuck with perishables for 200.  Shall we wager which way it will go?  My money is on the sucky scenario ALL THE WAY.