That’s where I’ve been all these weeks.

While it’s a cliché to talk about the weather, it matters here. We’ve had cool evenings with low humidity, and we know that there can only be a few seconds, last gasps if you will, of this Spring-like weather left before Summer rolls in. For the rest of the country, Summer IS outside time, but down here? Unless you’re in a pool or creek to cool off…notsomuch.

The sticky, humid, broiling, bug infested Summers of the South force everyone indoors, since sitting motionless in the shade, or after sundown may still cause profuse sweating. Ah, 95% humidity…I know you’re coming, and I’m not wasting time. Not. One. Single. Moment.

We installed some outdoor string lights, and it has made an enormous difference in our evenings.  We can see to eat without lighting 20 candles and I don’t have to wear a headlamp to take the dog to the bathroom.  It’s the little things….so here’s just a few snaps of where we’ve been spending all our free time.

Cool nights make for good treehouse sleeping……




I’d say we have eaten 70% of our meals outside this past month….and cooking them out there too.



Happy Summer!

D*S Round-Up

Hey guys…guess what?  I am shocked and very excited to report that our exterior makeover made the Design Sponge Before and After Best Of: Outdoor Spaces round-up! Check it out here.

Minor detail, they called me Karen, but I can understand why…3 of the projects in the round up are hers…and I am a TAODS fan, so I’m flattered they could even consider confusing us.  Poor Karen.

Anyway, that’s made my day, so, thanks Kate/Grace and I”ll see you at the Nashville D*S book tour stop!

Snow Day..Yay and Yikes

Given that we are in the home stretch of school before the Holidays, our time is pretty tightly scheduled.  The good news/bad news?  Today is a snow day for the kids!

Yay! We slept in, and I got to savor, not slug, my coffee in bed with the laptop today.

Yikes! Today was the day I was supposed to: (insert list of 7 things, 4 of which require the absence of children.)

As I sipped my coffee under Holiday Bucky, I realized that I will have to leave my serene spot to take care of business..boo!

Serves me right for procrastinating.  What would be really funny maddening is if I leave all this behind to gather the items for a school event tomorrow…only to have school canceled again.  I would be stuck with perishables for 200.  Shall we wager which way it will go?  My money is on the sucky scenario ALL THE WAY.