Uh, NO, Mom.

During yet another snow day, the winter organization frenzy rages on.  I summon the Things to bring me 20-30 pieces of their favorite artwork.  We are going to frame them!  My plan is to make my own Jan Eleni collage, like below, but with the pieces a bit bigger…say 3″ x 3″ each.

For those who haven’t seen this on any of the 20 blogs featuring it…the gist is this:  She photographs the artwork, then prints it out and mounts it to make the collage you see above.  A great way to showcase a lot of work in a smaller amount of space.  I LOVE this idea.

Thing One HATES this idea.  It never occurred to me that shrinking the art for display would cause such a stir, but I am told in no uncertain terms that these pieces are to be showcased “full size only.”

Noted…and she’s SHUTDOWN.  I only have one empty frame and a dining room table heaping with eager to be upgraded from the magnet board artwork, so Momma better scramble. That’ll teach me to try and be efficient….stupid, stupid woman.