Chigger Face

via Leigh Machin

This is how I feel like I look..and those razor sharp nails actually look like they could relieve some of this itching.

Somehow, someway while working in the yard on the treehouse…I was attacked.  Silent and stealthy, the chigger (Trombiculidae if you’re fancy) is the source of seemingly interminable and agonizing itching.  I really hate those bastards.

My face and neck are covered, and I’m still trying to solve the mystery.  For the past two weeks, I’ve been putting granules down on all of our paths and work areas to prevent THIS EXACT THING!  I wore my high boots, sprayed with repellent…I was careful!

I got them really bad last year on my legs, but legs full of swollen bites don’t repel people in quite the same fashion as a half chewed off face does…imagine that.

Feelin’ pretty…and smelling like a giant Tea Tree.