Treehouse Mini-Update

The weather here has not been exactly conducive to treehouse progress.  You might have heard our neighbors had a very rough week?!  There’s a really good round-up of venues for donating to tornado victim relief here.

The camo cloak held on through all the storms and winds..yeah, we were surprised too!

The sun did appear briefly Saturday giving us just enough time to put the front siding and window on.

First the flashing had to be installed between the house and the porch flooring.

Then, the polycarbonate window needed to be attached before the wood panels could go on.

First a bead of silicone caulk.

Then, once pilot holes are drilled so as not to split the polycarbonate, the wood panel is attached to secure the window into place.

We also got some plywood up on the roof, but did not have time to finish before the rain came again.  BTW, that plywood on the roof bit?  Biggest pain so far.  Climbing up and balancing yourself on the slant while trying to hammer?  Just plain annoying.  Almost done though.

Next steps?  After the plywood is in, there will be a layer of tar paper, then the corrugated metal roof with a polycarbonate skylight.  We are still deciding on screened window placement.  They will be installed differently, so can be done later.

I created a treehouse category, so if you’re new, you can catch up on the previous steps to this project here.