Treehouse Update

For a full overview of the treehouse build, go here (under the TOUR header.)


It was an epic weekend of hard-assed work.  The CC had a game plan that I thought was a bit ambitious – we do have kids after all, but we managed it...just.

We started the weekend with our platform.  Now we needed walls…and a roof because there is more rain forecast, of COURSE.

Long way up..and down…

The walls were built on top of the platform, then tilted up and fastened/braced into place…barn-raising style.  Kinda made me feel like I should wear a funny hat and go churn some butter.

The Things stained the panels in the driveway, then we hauled them up to the platform to be nailed into the frame.  Twas a family affair.

and then there were two…..

..then three!!!  We got the third wall up Saturday afternoon late, and after the Things were asleep, we decided to have a little party for two out there, knowing we probably won’t be invited in much once it’s finished DESERVE it.

After egg hunting and other such activities, it was back to work…we needed a nice meal that wouldn’t require anyone to be in the kitchen all day, so we brought the kitchen out to us for dinner….

Now it’s time for the fourth wall, rafters, and a roof.  At least the fourth wall can have its panels nailed up vertically since we can stand on the porch section.  The frame for this last wall was assembled on the ground and hauled up.

Sorry, I can’t get good shots from a distance.  Everyday, the trees are leafing out more and more….

Then we ran out of time, so we secured a gigantic camo tarp over the whole structure to protect from the rain….it’s a classy touch that I know will be the envy of millions.  The rafters are slotted in, but not secured yet, so they are still a bit wonky.  Behold the camo cloak…….

This tarp says “Modernist, shmodernist.  This is Tennessee, dammit, and I’m here to keep it real y’all!”

We are tired and sore, but very pleased.  Weather permitting, we should be in good shape to make a lot of headway next weekend.