Always Late to the Party

I waited nearly 5 years to join the party.  I’m a second generation adopter of any new gadget; I prefer they get the bugs out and lower the price before I jump in.  That said, I was all ready to go iPhone a few years back, but then we moved into what my friends call “the crater”.  Verizon coverage only, and we still need a booster to be able to talk without losing the call.  Once they finally got in cahoots with Verizon, you KNOW I had to wait for the 4S, second generation and all…I’d waited years, so what was another few months?

I’m still learning how to work this newfangled thing with the help of Thing One, who has an iPod touch, so he’s way ahead of me.  YES, I still have the clickwheel “classic” version.  I’m old.  When your kids start teaching you technology, it’s the beginning of a slippery slope down to grannyhood.

While cleaning up the last bits of Halloween around the house, I took my first attempt at Hipstamatic/Instagram usage and posted to my Twitter feed.  This could be fun!