All About Otto

In the immediate future, our lives will be almost completely consumed with this little fella.  Meet Otto! Followers on other media outlets have already been introduced, as he was the obvious choice of muse to try out the new phone camera!

After a few attempts at adopting, and just narrowly missing out each time, we finally found a pup to rescue who arrived on 11/11/11.  He’s 11 weeks old today, and it’s safe to say we are completely smitten.

A cold front came through Friday night so we built our first indoor fire of the season…someone approved.

It’s been 14 years since we had a puppy, so we are a sleepy bunch trying to remember how it all works!

For those without iPhones, Twitter or Instagram, I’m testing out Instagrid which pulls the photos to the web.  I don’t think it’s pulling captions, and no comments, but the pics are there.

Uh, oh, it’s been 30 minutes, so I’d better take someone outside quick!