When You Gotta Go

Since the arrival of Otto, we’ve been struggling a bit with all the gear needed to take him outside.  We’ve started clicker training, and the yard can be really dark, and if he doesn’t go in his designated woods spot, we have to scoop/bag etc..

What’s been happening is a mad scrambling and stuffing of pockets, “Oh, I don’t have any/enough/big enough pockets to get all these accessories into!” and when he’s sniffing and circling, there isn’t time for that sort of flapping about. I decided to make us a couple of aprons prepacked with anything we might need for an outing.


I picked up these contractor aprons to use at the Sale.  I think they are $1.99?  Not that I have anything against Ace hardware, but I thought it might be more fun to make it a bit personalized.  I printed a Vizsla silhouette onto t-shirt transfer paper and ironed it on.  I mistakenly thought that the background was a creamy color, but it was just on the screen and the image was clipped.  Instead of totally covering the Ace logo, I just ended up with the silhouette on top of it…Oops!

But, I decided I actually liked it.  It stays for now…I’ll consider it a happy accident!

Ready and waiting for little bladders on the move.  Wanna see him again?