Bathroom Update

Things have been rolling over here….at a snail’s pace. Last we met, we were removing the sink. Got that done, and then it was on to the floor…the messy bit. Messy bits take awhile..OK?

So after removing the tile, the mortar bed and wire mesh embedded within it…we are down to subfloor…wheeeee!

That brings us to this mess…we’ll deal with that later.

Subfloor of cement board was laid and now we’re on to laying the new tile.

And that’s where we still are.

We’ll finish that by this weekend and then we’ll start focusing on the sink/slab situation.

In the meantime, I did order the stencil I plan to use on either one or maybe 2 walls. The paint will be Behr’s Granite Boulder as the base layer, with Martha’s Precious Metals Silver Leaf on the fishscale stencil. Apparently the Martha paint is fiddly, but the dude at the Home Depot said it’s just like the Ralph Lauren metallics. I used Ralph without problems in the past, so I’m hopeful.

Why use Home Depot paint? Maybe it was the time I painted over a glossy chocolate brown with a pale grey satin in ONE COAT with Behr’s paint and primer in one line?  I don’t buy Ben Moore or Farrow and Ball, or other expensive paint, as my personal experience has not proven these to be worth the price tag. I don’t need interior paint that will last 10 years because I guarantee that I will be sick of it and wanting a change well before then anyway. That’s just me.


I’m still shopping toilets, and while I really wanted the Kohler Persuade…after looking at the installation instructions and reviews…we are gonna give it a miss. I’m in the market for a modern looking one with an apron to the floor (no pipe shapes showing in the porcelain) for less than $300 which I think is totally doable. We are still sad we couldn’t have the wall mounted model, but we’re holding out hope we can have it for the master bath, whenever that happens!