Mummy Bunting

When I saw this post from Shannon at 8footSix, I knew I had the solution to my creamy colored old sheet I picked up at Goodwill to use as an extra ghost or something that never materialized.

Mine would NOT be pristine and white like hers, so I took the concept away from ghost and more towards mummy. This sheet had more of an “I’m old and may, or may not have been underground.” vibe, so work with your challenges instead of fighting them, right?

Behold the Mummy Bunting.

This was a fun and easy project I could do while watching TV. Just cut into strips and knot on the twine. I used a luggage tag/cow hitch knot.  It’s secure, but easy enough to loosen so I can slide the strips where I want them.

I have some black sheets that are getting tired and I think I’ll make another one with them. What I love most about it is the weather tolerance. Too many of our decorations are paper based, and that about killed us this year when it was still raining on the morning of the party. Everything had to be put out the day of, which threw us way behind schedule…so much so, that I have ZERO pictures from the party. I failed you again. When the choice comes between having food ready, and a photo shoot, I’m afraid my inner hostess feels compelled to feed people.

I DO have bathroom pics though and I plan to edit those today, so I’ll make it up to you…k?