Sorry I’ve been out of touch…Instagram followers know why.

Photo by Thing One

We spent a week in Colorado teaching the kids that it is indeed possible to ski on a sheet of ice with slush on top, but you just might fall more.

Due to the Spring slope conditions, we made sure we got up early to be the first to hit the slopes….


…because by the afternoon, things were melting fast.

There was also a day for tubing!

We decided to spend Friday geocaching in Vail, but we didn’t ski there…just milled about among all the fancy folk. Breckenridge is more our kind of place, with little to no gold lamé and bedazzled ski suits. Aspen and Vail can have all that and I won’t mind, I promise.

No groovy 70’s conversation pit this time, instead we went with log cabin rustic.

Photo by Thing Two

One the way back to the airport, we stopped at Red Rocks….

So that we could feel completely worthless watching all the superfit locals running up and down the amphitheater when we were gasping for air just to get up to the stage. Ah, altitude.

We also passed one of my favorite I-70 sightings, the “Sleeper House”.  I’ve always wanted to go inside.

Those are terrible blurry photos taken while driving, but there’s more info on this little gem here.


Photo by Patrick Young

I may be spotty for awhile longer as I have family in town for a week, and Thing Two’s birthday slumber party with 9 (gasp) boys. Mayhem will be the norm around here for a bit.

Have a great weekend!