Yes, it’s only in our own yard…but the amount of neglected and untamed vegetation makes us feel like it might as well be the jungle.  Poison Ivy vines as thick as your wrist were the first to get the machete…and with each successive pass through…more and more clearing out to make our first “nature trail”.  It winds from the driveway through the woods up to the back of the house.  It also allows us to access the side of the house that currently can only be reached by what I call “the steps of death”.

We had to have a few more dead trees taken down, and instead of hauling off the chips, we had them dump them so we could use them to floor our new path.  It’s free for them to leave the chips, and they even said they’d bring us more anytime we wanted for no additional cost – nice.  We’ve made pretty good progress all in all.  If it ever stops raining, we might even get it finished.