Tantalizingly Close

My life in the fishbowl is, thankfully, almost over.  Let’s be clear, I am not ungrateful for the hardworking men who have brought me this amazing transformation…but with no window treatments anywhere here and 12 people crawling all over your house at every window and door…it’s a bit unnerving after awhile.  I KNOW they don’t give a rats ass what I’m doing, but…you know…it can be creepy.

The panels are all up…now it’s just trim pieces, new gutters and a few soffits left to do so I’m hoping by the end of the week, we’re done.

Turning a Corner

Metal finally arrived late Thursday, so Friday the first panels went up….what a difference.   To be honest, just the house wrap and the edging already made the house look better so this is indeed progress.  FINALLY, I’m really able to visualize the whole thing done now and I’m pleased as all get out about it.

ModFruGal v. Tree Rats 3 – Siding Update

Things are really moving along….The metal sheets are due to arrive today and beacuse of the prepping done during these past 2 weeks, the transformation will be instantaneous.  I hope by this time next week I’ll have photos of a metal house to show you!

Shaky Start

I thought I’d start off the new site with the first day of the galvalume installation mentioned here and here.  Alas, not to be.  Materials were delivered today….right color…wrong profile.  We ordered the 12 inch striated rib in burnished slate and we got 12 inch minor rib.

The reason we chose the striated was for it’s more forgiving profile.  The flat profile of the minor rib shows imperfections that are less obvious with the striated rib.  The photos below show the differences in the 2 styles.

Kills ya to look at all that beautiful metal sitting in the yard that you can’t USE.

ModFruGal v. Tree Rats 2 – Siding Update

As I wake this morning…like many mornings, to the jaw clenching sound of steady gnawing near my head…I am somewhat comforted.  It’s almost over.

We’ve made a decision on the siding problem.  After many quotes. many meetings, and a little professional encouragement from an architect friend – (Thanks AKK!) We are moving forward with Galvalume: 26 gauge, 12 inch rib in Burnished Slate.  Deposit paid, (*gulp*) materials ordered…we should get rolling in about 2 weeks.  I’ve included a photo of a barn done in the color we have chosen to give you some idea.  The theory is that the dark shade will help the house disappear into the woods.