Miner 49er

My go-to for budget knock-offs of classics is getting the copycat.  Looking through the new CB2 catalog, I couldn’t help but notice how nicely they had jazzed up a water heater table like mine.   Although the Miner’s splayed legs and built in patina are a nice design touch..is it worth $150 vs $20?

Although my table was purchased at Home Depot several years ago…I’ve seen some other good ones online.  I would, of course, check your local plumbing supply stores as well as Lowe’s/Home Depot to save yourself the shipping.

See…just when you think you found a cheap buy…there’s always one cheaper!  I never thought copycat would feature a CB2 knock-off…go figure.

CB2's Miner @ $149
CB2's Miner @ $149
Water Heater  Stand $28 @ Deerso.com
Water Heater Stand $28 @ Deerso.com
Home Depot's Water Heater Stand
Home Depot's $20 Water Heater Stand