Kid’s Desk Rehab

I was out junking in Fairview, TN a couple of weeks ago and picked up a few projects…because I really don’t have enough on my plate.  BTW, I love how everyone else in the country calls it “thrifting”…sounds so much more civilized…down here, it’s just junkin’.

Anyway, this cute little kidney shaped desk was perfect for a little someone in the family who was promised their own desk this summer.  The faux bois laminate top was in perfect condition…just needed to be scrubbed and scraped of some old paint on it.  As for the body…it needed a little more TLC.  It was a LOT rougher looking in person than the photo lets on…really….I look at that photo and think…”it was nice the way it was”..and it wasn’t..I was there!

I started to strip it down…and realized it was going to take a REALLY long time.   It’s oak and paint was WAY down in those unprimed grooves.

I decided: 1)  I kinda hate oak furniture as a rule.  2) I’ve brought back enough blond wood pieces in this house….gotta stop.

Soooooo…. bringing it back to the natural wood wasn’t exactly worth the effort to me.   A  good sanding, priming, and coat of spray paint got this project done in a much more manageable time line.

The new owner is SUPER pleased which is all that really matters.