DIY Wool Wreath

Remember how everyone went goofy for that tufted wool wreath from Anthropolgie, and there were DIYs everywhere? I had to. There was a NEED you see. My old wreath didn’t work anymore because the storm door always pushed it so hard against the wood that it took off the paint..and every Spring I’d have to touch it up. I finally decided enough was enough; I needed a slim profile wreath with some give to it.

Modfrugal DIY wool wreath

I used Lion Brand Homespun Thick and Quick in the Dove colorway. I followed this tutorial, except I cut the bundle once through the middle instead of twice on each side so my pom poms were longer and looser.Modfrugal DIY wool wreath

Modfrugal DIY wool wreath Then I hot glued them onto a thin MDF wreath form I got at Michael’s (couldn’t find it online) and the whole thing was done for about $16.00. No more scraped paint!