Tush Cush

Remember how I wanted some fancy outdoor fabric for my patio furniture here?  And how I wanted to sew them myself to save the ludicrous expense here?

Well, neither of those things happened.

What I did manage was a no-sew fabric origami contraption that is the most unprofessional DIY ever, so don’t blame me if you do this and get laughed out of your neighborhood…K?  Just sayin’.

Joann was having a 50% upholstery foam sale, so I knew it was time.  Just as well I got there early too, since the cutting table was 6 deep with peeps and foam.  I got 2 inch Nu-Foam for boats and outdoors along with some iron on velcro, and my cheap fabric.

Rather than cramp my hand for life attempting to cut the stuff, I splashed out on a $20 electric knife…trust me on this…you need it if you have foam to cut…period.

So…now it’s cardboard template and cutting time….

Then comes some tricky folding of the fabric to make it look as neat as possible…..then attach the velcro to your key places.

Then you’re done…all told, materials cost was $58 for foam and velcro (I got enough foam for 2 long sofas and I have 2 yards left-6 yards total) $12 for fabric and $20 for the knife.  $90 total.

You won’t wow anyone with this ramshackle upholstery job, but your tush will have some cush that’s inexpensive and easy to wash.  Down the road, we’ll get something done right, but the weather is glorious and un-saunaesque so it’s time to enjoy the deck…NOW.