Polishing Silver on Glass

Things have been very unblogworthy around here.  Being out of school for an entire week for snow (I KNOW…redonk) I tried to power through the cabin fever with lots of closet/drawer organizing type stuff. Booooring…but kinda thrilling for me.

Organizing goes hand in hand with cleaning, buffing, and polishing so I thought you Mad Men fans might like this bit of info.  After I posted my latest Dorothy Thorpe score,  (last year!) I had a reader ask about how to polish it.

I found out the hard way, many years ago, after trashing one of my vintage pieces.  I found this page awhile back and have been using this stuff ever since.  The key is how much pressure you put on the silver when polishing it.  Easy does it.

These photos are crummy, but I couldn’t retake the before! Sorry…Here is an array of tarnished Dorothy Thorpe and other similar pieces….

This is the magic bottle that is grubby with love….

Ready for use…or back on the shelf.

I still love this stuff, even if it is a complete pain in the ass to maintain.  Newer reproduction pieces usually have a protective coating over the silver, so this little bit of hassle isn’t necessary.