Slightly Less Mud

I’ve mentioned the mudfest before and I have been slowly tackling another area that was starting to bug me…outside our bedroom.  Where the L shaped deck ends at the living room, there begins an area that goes behind the house and leads to top of the trail through the woods.

It was mud and weeds when we bought the place…..

I had already started a little planting when I remembered to take pictures…but this is the channel we had to dig since the water was still pooling in this area despite new walls and drains, and we didn’t want to dig another french drain…compromise.

I had envisioned smooth river rock in the channel, but there are so many rocks in the yard it seemed silly not to use them instead.  Every time I’m out in the yard, I pick up a small bucketful and dump them in the channel…soon it will be a little rocked river bed.

When I found some of the trillium popping up on the trail, I transplanted it so it wouldn’t get trampled….it’s about done for the year.

Way happier looking out the bedroom and seeing these instead of a stagnant cesspool with mud and rocks.  Ah, baby steps.