Treehouse Update

We have been super busy, so progress has been slooow, but things are happening!

In between scary storms and wind events, I’ve been shoveling topsoil.  I mean, it wouldn’t be Spring at the Regal Beagle if I wasn’t shoveling something from a large pile that seems to have no bottom, now would it?  I’m leveling out some areas, and creating a few new beds for planting.

In between shoveling sessions, I help the CC with the treehouse. I’m on carry and assemble large pieces of wood duty, while he does everything else.  At one point, I felt like Thing Two, all excited that I got to finally NAIL something.

Today was all about the floor of the platform.


We were so excited about getting this bit done that we dragged a couple of chairs onto what will be the “porch” to get an idea what hanging out here will be like….we approve.

If you’re a G & T enthusiast, you might like to know that if you run out of cucumber for your beverage, parsley is a surprisingly tasty substitute…