Spring Fever

It’s that time of year…the seed catalogs start showing up and I get spring fever bigtime. It doesn’t help that my plants are confused by the mild winter and everything is budding out. I predict the blooms will open on these Pear branches by Friday, latest.



It’s 60 degrees today, and we had snow over the weekend, with more predicted this coming weekend. Today is my window…it is time to prune the horsetail rush or Equisetum Hymale. I didn’t prune it last winter and I think it showed by blowing over so easily. Now it is laying down completely flat and it’s time to hack it to the ground.  This is how it looked when I first put it in.

And this is how it looked today.  So sad.

I couldn’t find the electric hedge trimmer in the garage chaos, so I had to go old school with the shears. FUN!


Hopefully it will return reinvigorated and upright, like the picture I showed you when I first decided to go for this stuff.  By all accounts, it should, so fingers crossed!

via Grow Where You’re Planted


Things at ModFruGal Prison came to a standstill for 10 days…but we are back on track and moving forward with a reformed crew.  (Long story…I won’t bore you with the details.)  We’ve been calling it the prison since those cinder block walls are so cold and unwelcoming at the moment…seemed to fit.

down to driveway

at garage wall


former front entry

At the side

Ugly….but I remain committed to the vision.  The block will be capped and rendered with a dark brown mortar/stucco so that hopefully it will blend in with the soil. In the spring, I hope to soften the edges with modern plantings like Equisetum Hyemale or Field Horsetail.

Equisetum hyemale grow where you're planted

photo from Grow Where You’re Planted