Keller Chairs

The Keller chairs were finished up this weekend and I think they turned out great. To those who thought I should have kept the pink velvet, the photos didn’t really show how stained they were. Trust me on this one!


The pink was truly gross up close and I’m sorry I didn’t capture it better.




There were a lot of staples in these babies (aren’t there always?) so I made a magnetic sculpture out of them to amuse myself amid the drudgery of removing them.




These were in great shape structurally, so a little fresh batting and fabric was all that was needed. THAT makes a nice change.






We don’t need them, so I’ve listed these on Craigslist. I’m not putting them on e-bay for a few more days. While I haven’t seen any currently for sale by Keller in this particular style, I did see this Keller chair for sale:



Here on Etsy

I’m offering two for the price of her one!