Back in September, I had visions of harvesting fall lettuces in my new garden beds by now.  Since we know that’s not going to happen, I needed a little fix.  I’m not very good with houseplants, which is funny since I’m pretty good with outdoor gardening.   Before we had kids, we had a nice orchid collection….they’ve since been given away.  Now, I have a beloved Bay tree that moves in and out with the seasons, and not a whole lot else…my Bonsai missed a few watering cycles and is now in ICU.  Hopeless.

My childhood fascination with terrariums has never waned…and they are quite forgiving.  I got a vintage mushroom jar and scooped up some moss and ferns from out in the yard.  3 weeks on and everyone is still healthy and green, so maybe, I have found my perfect indoor gardening vehicle.  I still want the orb one day, but lets see if I can keep this one alive first.

mushroom collection

my last indoor gardening hope

shroom terrarium