This is old hat to the mod squad, but for those just dipping a toe into the modernist waters, this is the info you want.

Flashback to 1958, Poul Henningsen’s design for the Danish company Louis Poulsen is unveiled: the PH Artichoke.  Still made today – it is stunning in copper or any of the other metal finishes you may choose from…for $7000.00.

44 years later…..enter Simon Karkov for Normann Copenhagen – another Danish designer and company.  In 2002, the award winning Norm69 is released, and froogs like us snap them up…for $110.00.  The Norm 69 is made from lamp shade foil and comes flat packed in  – you guessed it- 69 pieces.  Have no fear, the Normann Copenhagen site has a “how to” video to assist you in assembly.

Avian Obsession

So, those who know me know I got thing for birds – at a distance – I’m not a crazy bird lady who keeps flocks in cages, but I love watching them outdoors and having them as a motif in my home.  Birds are not just for the holidays, but all year round!  For example: The felt birds would be great in a grouping over a crib!  Here is small sampling of some cool birds out there…some new, some have been around awhile, but IMHO I deem to be classic – and affordable.