Hey, Hey – Is That Wenge?

Not even close. Porcelain. That beautiful rare Congolese wood is now the inspiration for a new range of tile from Porcelanosa in Spain.  Now I know what you’re thinking…”Ew, fake wenge – it must look terrible…” I too have a snobby bias against one material masquerading as another, but this seems to be the exception.  The tile is called “stick wenge” and has a matte finish.  I’ve attached a photo from their website as well as one where it is used as a backsplash in a kitchen.  The company also makes a bamboo series which is shown on the contrasting lighter colored wall of the kitchen.  Expo design centers sell it, but if you don’t live in a city that has one, the Porcelanosa site can help you find a distributor.  How much?  $6.50 sf.  Yep, that’s right.  Bargain.  I’ve posted more photos of the kitchen here.