To Do: Outdoor Furniture

Well, in addition to finishing the gravel patio and staining the new deck/stairs.   All of which are STILL covered with ice/snow so I can’t make progress there until the temps are much warmer.  I CAN, however, put on a coat and use the sandblasting attachment to clean up and prep my collection of aging vintage patio furniture.  Once the weather cooperates, I’ll be ready to paint and can knock it out.

On a freakishly mild day before “snowmageddon”, I tested out a chair and was pleased with the results.  Sometimes the paint isn’t paint, but old, flaking powder coating and that’s tougher to deal with.  This just has lots of layers of paint.  Easy peasy.

Just a few passes with the sandblaster took that paint right off.  Now if it would just stop snowing, I can finish the set!!! (I never thought I’d say that living in Nashville.)

I’m also trying to find a deal on some swank outdoor fabric for these benches.

My HOPE was that when those fabulous Trina Turk fabrics came out last year, I could get them at a serious discount THIS year.  I’ve been trolling E-bay and I’ve come up empty thus far.  Has anyone used LA Design Concepts?   20% over wholesale sounds good….I’ve requested pricing, but I’m not holding my breath that it will still be affordable enough.

All 3 are Schumacher, bottom 2 are Trina Turk’s 2009 line.  Don’t you think that crazy Peacock is just meant for the Regal Beagle?  The CC also has that bit of welding he promised for our Woodard pieces….