Maybe all this city paralyzing snow is a good thing for us.  Most weekend activities were canceled due to “inclement weather” (3 inches of snow..it’s the South), so we found ourselves with more time than we anticipated.  You know what that means?  Yes, hot chocolate and Monopoly, but what else?  Project time!

We went through the annual list reconciliation, and after examining the new 2011 to do list, we decided to tackle a small, but satisfying line item whilst cooped up.  Buh-bye dining room chair rail!

The CC popped off the rail and floated out the bumps and ridges left behind.

Thing Two and I painted and then we were finished and having Sunday dinner in here.  It is hard (for me) to photograph right now since it has been gloomy and gray with more snow forecast.  I’ll update the DR tour when we get some light back.

The 2011 to do list is no smaller this year…still 2 pages and going strong.  Highlights to come.