And So It Begins….

Buh Bye rotten entry.  You will not be missed.

Monday…rained out.  Tuesday, rained out after 2 hours.  Wednesday….hooray it’s dry!  Rotten wood was removed with the discovery of a corn snake and the biggest yellow jacket ground hive any of us have EVER seen.  As bad as that hive was….I was expecting some more heinous discoveries in the snake category.

My precious Dogwood is supposed to be transplanted today..I really hope it survives.

Buh-Bye Rotten Stairs

breaking up the concreteside wall downpile o rottenDogwood to be Transplanted


Look real secure to walk on…eh?

Do I really need to say more?  My walls and steps are, in reality, a snake/chipmunk/yellow jacket multi-family dwelling that has GOT to be torn down.  Time for these critters to move along and time for me to have an entry that won’t kill anyone…..always a death or severe injury to guests…not too much to