Turquette + Wildlife Update

Yes, I KNOW female turkeys are hens.  The great white hunters in my family would be appalled if I got that wrong.  But that’s what I’m calling this one particular hen who likes to hang out in the treetops above the woods path.

Ain’t she sassy?

In other wildlife news, we finally spotted this years fawns in the yard last week, but all my snaps have been blurry!

Still no sign of our baby owls, but the grown-ups were having a major hootfest in the forest last night and woke me up from my treehouse slumber.  When the fan is off, the wildlife can be loud, and I’m saying right now, the first time the coyotes kill on our ridge when we are sleeping in there-that noise is going to give us all a heart attack.

We’ve seen a coyote pup twice in the past week.  We NEVER see the coyotes.  The CC is all excited about it…me? NO WAY.  It makes me worry all this will happen IN OUR YARD.