Duplos and Ping Pong

September 12, 2010

Even if you never played Ping Pong, you HAD to want to after seeing Jonathan Adler & Simon Doonan’s table in their latest NYC apartment. BTW, I’ve never called it table tennis and I don’t really see me starting now.

It made the rounds a few months ago as well as in The Selby.  I love the Saarinen bases and can even appreciate the fussy wallpapered top (too busy for me, but it’s perfect for their place.)

The Things got interested in Ping Pong this summer after playing in the rec room where we swim.  The pool is now closed, but why should that mean an end to our fun?

I started looking for ideas to build one outside, but as fab as these are…there are no rearranging options for tons of concrete….

Via Lucky Dragon

Love them, but kinda bulky..

Now these are superb….

Via Flylyf

Via Decorator in a Box

I already have a dining room table, so let’s just make do.  I check online to see that my local Target has this in stock….only to get to the store and realize they don’t…Lies!!!!

The closest sporting goods place was farther than I felt like driving, so it was improvisation time.  I bought only paddles and balls and headed home.

This was a job that only Thing One and Thing Two could help with, so I put them to work.

And then it was PLAYTIME!

We played for 3 hours today….with more scheduled for later….

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8 thoughts on “Duplos and Ping Pong

  1. Mr. Modtomic

    Hmmmm…the first table (while I love the use of Saarinen Tulip bases) looks a little like it was set up just for shock value. “Look how absolutely amazing we are!” It just doesn’t cut the muster with me. BUT, I really like the idea of an outdoor concrete table like the second and third! Those are great because you can use them as everyday outdoor dining tables and no one would suspect a thing until you broke out the paddles, ball and net! GAME ON!!! The chrome and rosewood(?) one looks too pretty to use for anything, much less play a game on!

  2. HousePet (Beth)

    Clever thinking! I bet the Things had fun making the net too. I’m not sure what creeps me out the most in Jonathan Adler & Simon Doonan’s apartment…the giant foot or the two eyeballs watching over the room.

  3. nkp

    Well look at you smartie pants! Isn’t it amazing how versatile legos can be! When we were having our basement finished, my husband and I had an idea for a display wall of sorts, but no design schooling to sketch it out. Instead, my husband built a mini version out of legos, handed it to the contractor, and in less than one afternoon, voila, our vision was framed out and ready for drywall.

    I can’t believe the crazy good examples of ping pong tables you’ve uncovered. I too fell for the Adler version upon first site, but now those concrete numbers have my wheels a turnin’!


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