While we haven’t been making any more progress in the pantry, I decided to rearrange furniture and art everywhere. At least that is something that can be done and finished, until I do it again. For those who participated in the Moon vs. Mushroom lamp vote on Instagram/FB..the Moon won in the end, simply because … Continue reading “Switcheroos”


About a month or so ago, I found something I’d been hunting for since we moved in.  Our dining room has can lights, which are fine, but not exactly emitting the moody, groovy vibe I was hoping for. I found them dusty and grimy in a vintage store, and one was wired with a plug … Continue reading “Switcheroo”

Switcheroo: Ninja Edition

My Facebook and Twitter followers might have heard me bemoan the fact that I might have to get rid of my faux lacquer asian tables.  The very ones that went on to become famous.  I’ve moved them around quite a bit, but they are kind of large to go just anywhere.  They were not working … Continue reading “Switcheroo: Ninja Edition”


I’ve been mixing some things up around here and forgetting to share.  Remember how I knew there was too much tulip going on in the living room?  I think I might have solved that little problem. That’s right, he SWIVELS his layers….shall we call him the Swinger? I also found a place for the Sexophone….. … Continue reading “Switcheroo”

Switcheroo – Tulip Edition

What do you do when there’s a lot on your mind?  Rearrange of course.  Free therapy for your home and mind! Swapped out the lucite and zebrawood for the tulip table and removed the rug.  I’m liking the size and scale of this table MUCH better….BUT…that’s 2 – 4 tulip bases in one room. Boo.  … Continue reading “Switcheroo – Tulip Edition”


The rearranging of artwork and the like has had us patching and touch-up painting the walls everywhere.  It’s worth it to have a clean slate to start again.  Ah, the freedom to be fickle, renewed. I made the latest addition to the dining room wall to brighten things up around here.  I did it ages … Continue reading “Switcheroo”