Booth 50…or SO

So….you are looking at the before shots of Booth 50 in the Downtown Antique Mall in Nashville.  I’m dipping my toe into a little retail.

It’s an antique dive…just the way I like ’em…dusty, dingy and obnoxiously loud when the trains roll by 4 feet from the building.  It’s packed with treasures.  I’ve only lived here a year and a half, but in my wanderings thus far, this place has the best vintage modern selection in town.  Pre to Post Modern ties for grooviness of merchandise, but it’s tiny with a very limited selection.  Yes, I’m biased, but that’s why I wanted these guys to let me play with them…I figured I’d fit in best there.

This week I will put some lipstick on her and fill her up.  Formerly a 40’s-50’s kitchen booth, that teal and yellow must go.  I get great natural light in this little wedge which is pretty rare, given what a dark warehouse it is overall.  I’m pretty lucky.

Thing Two will certainly think I’m Booth # SO.  Poi-fect.

I’m very excited to get much to do…

booth 50

built in shelves

strips for shelving